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Regular cleaning will ensure the smooth operation of your equipment. After every extraction empty and rinse the portafilter under the flow of water from the group. This will:

  • Keep the handle clean and free of rancid oils
  • Ensure the hot water in the group is clean and free of coffee solids
  • Keep the portafilter hot and ready for the next extraction

If the portafilter basket is very dirty it will need to be cleaned under the hot tap.

Steam Wand

  • Wipe the steam wand after every use
  • Occasionally unscrew the tip to remove any build up on nozzle
  • If the jets are blocked they can be cleared with a paper clip
  • Before steaming milk open the tap to clear condensation and residue


This may be done after every coffee if desired but is generally performed after about 10 cups of coffee. The back-flush cap can be left in a spare portafilter for convenience. To do this you need to:

  1. Remove the portafilter basket and fit the back flushing cap
  2. Raise the group lever to start the flow of water
  3. Fit the handle loosely to the group and move back and forth
  4. Keep emptying the handle of water until it is free of grounds
  5. Occasionally lock the portafilter in the group and allow it to build pressure for 6 – 10 seconds
  6. Lower the group lever to release the portafilter and empty
After this, the water in the group should appear clean and fresh. If the group water is not as clean as you would expect, it must be cleaned using the shampoo following the instructions on the bottle.

The Five Key Factors To Making Great Coffee

1. Beans
The beans must be the best quality, roasted and blended to complement individual characteristics. They should be kept in the original package in a cool, dark place and consumed within 2 weeks of roasting. Never store in the freezer.

2. Grind
The beans are ground immediately prior to extraction to ensure freshness. Grind only what is required for immediate use as the coffee will be stale in just 20 minutes. Do not over fill the grinder hopper; use only enough beans for the coffees to be made. The grinder should be of a good quality to ensure an even, regular grind with every piece of coffee being the same size.

3. Water
Cool, fresh water, filtered but not distilled ensures the best results. It is important to make sure the machine has enough water in it before you start.

4. Machine
A good quality machine that has heated up adequately and has the pressure to extract the correct measure of coffee is essential. Consistency of temperature is essential to great coffee. Everything must be hot; cups, portafilter and group. The machine must be kept scrupulously clean.

5. You
The Barista is the most important aspect of coffee. A true understanding of the importance of each component ensures consistent results every time. Just one of these 5 keys out of place affects the flavour of the end product.

Look after your coffee machine and it will look after you! Phone 021 842 319 for more information